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Monday, August 23, 2010

Web Changing the Art Conversation?

This NYT article is about the effect the web is having on the peer-review publishing standard in academia. Here's a quote:

"In some respects scientists and economists who have created online repositories for unpublished working papers, like, have more quickly adapted to digital life. Just this month, mathematicians used blogs and wikis to evaluate a supposed mathematical proof in the space of a week — the scholarly equivalent of warp speed."

This is like the elite model of what happens on Wikipedia everyday and it is incredibly exciting. Obviously there are huge obstacles in the way of a process like this working in the art world (first, most art created today exists in the physical world and one must be in its presence to witness it correctly). But, with the emergence of digital art, things like this will contribute to the decentralizing of the art world and hopefully play a huge role in the grand art conversation.

Make Your Own QR-Codes! (Mashable)

This could be an awesome tool for artists... QR Codes. Make your own! (Via Mashable)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Interview with Founder of (TechCrunch)

This interview isn't really about art per se, but it's interesting nonetheless to hear this guy talk about creating the most popular internet art space ever and what it took. "Don't be weak" (via TechCrunch)