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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Here are two sketches I've recently done. Using only lines to make my drawings is my current answer to two important questions associated with computer-aided drawing:

1.)How can an artist get past the stigma that using the computer to draw is merely a shortcut?

2.) How can an artist have the most possible control over their drawing on the computer when computer programmers (artists?) have already decided most of a computer's functionality for you? ie: those who make the drawing software basically already decided what the circle tool does, and the parameters of the paint bucket tool.

My solution is drawing with one pixel-wide lines. I do this because then "physically" I touch every pixel that is modified in the drawing, undermining the idea that computer drawing is a shortcut. And the line is a very basic function... it's about as close to full control as an artist can get while still maintaining a free-hand drawing experience on a computer. Also, computers do lines very well. I feel like lines are an innate action for computers.

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