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Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Project: The Internet Traveler visits Art2point0!

Internet Traveler tumblr:

I've just posted a new art project: The Internet Traveler. It's based on my interest in digital images and how they find their way about the interwebs.

The project consists of a tumblr blog that is hosting the above image. The goal is for people to help the Internet Traveler visit new spaces on the internet by posting the image to their Facebook profile pages, blogs, or websites they have the ability to alter. These enablers of the Internet Traveler can then post a screenshot (and a link) to the tumblr of the new place Internet Traveler has visited.

If Internet Traveler can find his way to high-traffic websites like online newspapers or popular blogs, the hope is that others who are unaware of the project will catch on and they too will help send Internet Traveler to new internet lands.

Enablers are free to crop or alter Internet Traveler to suit their purposes.

My end mission is to track Internet Traveler's progress from a known point of origin (the tumblr) on to all his adventures in cyberspace. Please help the cause!

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